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How to Become a Forensic Psychologist

March 18, 2020

My background in anthropology is helpful for this since I have to start off studying psychology, getting most of my work done at the AA level. Then I can get some undergraduate work done in both anthropology and psychology before I translate that into forensic psychology work, my Ph.D. will eventually be in psychology, and my M.D. will be in psychiatry, neurology, endocrinology and genetics, this is step 1, researching the field, while step 2 is evaluating my skill set. Funny when not feeling bad with Mr. hernia, I manage to have a pretty good, non-introverted life.

This hernia business is what is holding me back from doing anything concrete or significant with my life. Yes, I didn’t know about it until last year, and I was right when I suspected I had a hiatal hernia, because after my endoscopy, when it was spoken, I realized with relief that I was right, I have a B.A. in creative writing, and want multiple degrees, so I know I need at least a Master’s degree, which means taking the GRE. A doctorate degree is my final goal here, because I need that degree in order to get licensed in my state, I then need an ABPP or American Board of Professional Psychology. I know that involves a written exam and an oral exam. I suppose I want to both have a practice as well as work with criminals in a justice system setting. If I can get a teaching credential, I may wind up a teacher, as a private investigator I will be testifying in court cases, not to mention finding people. Yes, this will be a good field for me, although as of right now, illness/pain makes me an introvert.

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Become a Forensic Psychologist

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