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Ignore Shelter in Place At Your Own Peril

March 21, 2020

Don’t be an idiot, shelter in place is designed to stop the spread of Covid-19. The spread of coronavirus is actually happening, and I may have to go get my prescriptions by myself. Come to think of it, I also need lactose free milk and juice. I want to take my journalist’s eye to the store anyway. This pandemic could have been prevented. I’m taking a break from the news for about two days because I need not freak out. Everybody’s terrified except Florida beach goers, and thank you to their governor to shut that down. I’m trying to make sure I stay together, and keep it together, only because I’m pretty much in a weakened state from Mr. Hernia, a knee injury, and I managed to shake off the pimples with natural remedies like sage and oregano in chicken bullion. I’m trying to survive here, and the stimulus check will be most welcome.

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