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The Literary Agency I Want to Start

March 21, 2020

It would be about renting your own printing press, so I need to hire a printer/publisher or whatever they are called. Yes, I want to start my own publishing company, something I’ve wanted to do since 2000. But I was in college, struggling with my mental health at the time, also not being allowed to get a diagnosis. So anyway, yes, part of our budget would be to have an office set up somewhere, for my Internet Based Publishing Company I want to call Wolf Moon, I need to set up informational interviews with literary agencies, about the feasibility of my plan, since I want to hire individual literary agents with disabilities. We want a network of literary agents in every state. I need to do business counseling for this idea since it might work. I cannot do business counseling for the Shadow Network until the 4th, because I want to make sure I have the document signed that they are not representing me.

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