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My List of Online Websites to Make Money

March 31, 2020

My TFE training is taking a very long time because I’m trying to be slow about it, so as not to screw it up on purpose although I can reapply in six months. I have to be careful with how much I take on as a workload due the virus. I cannot get myself worked up about possibly being infected. Because of the California AB 5 law, which attacks freelancers whose employer works out of state, I cannot work for Textbroker writing copywriting articles. I have compiled another list that needs updating on the companies that are hiring freelancers, I need to sign up for work with Rev again, and finish their judgment of your work phase. Some companies are about writing articles, like Hubpages, which is similar to Vocal Media.

I could work as a proofreader in my sleep, and I’m wondering how to get a job as a fact-checker. is a website I need to finish signing up for by taking the reading test again. I need an online English class to even begin to take the College Writing test for them. But anyway, yes, when Mr. Hernia causes me trouble, I need an introvert style job since right now I’m pretty introverted because of all the uncertainty floating around on this planet.

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