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The Difference Between A Good Person and A Bad person

March 31, 2020

A good person does not make false judgments against a neighbor, nor do they gaslight them into believing something is their fault, as most narcissists would do. A bad person is someone who wants to cause his or her victim fear or stress and heartache. They love triangulating, as most narcissists would do. Good people do not make up silly lies that need to be exposed by the victim. They do not make people second- guess themselves. Narcissistic people love victimizing others, since they make people think they are fabulous. The thing is, bad people do not apologize for being wrong unlike most normal people who occasionally get away with narcissistic stuff. The narcissist is a bad person for lying, triangulation, and basically everything they do. Good people do not gaslight someone or lie to their face. Good people are trustworthy if their behavior is consistent. Bad people are inconsistent, which is why they are to be avoided.

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