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The purpose of Fiction

March 30, 2020

Fiction is a way to heal ourselves from pain, when we see the protagonist going through the mean things that they endure. Television and fictional productions pretty much teach people how to handle dark situations, like standing up for oneself that the TV show Xena: Warrior Princess teaches. Fiction is about karma, because in real life karma acts to give you what you deserve, give or take that you truly deserve it. The thing is, karma comes back to you, and if you do well by others, you then get good in return. If you do harm, you will be harmed back or have your behavior scrutinized as someone who did someone else harm momentarily or consistently over time. The Superman story, or any story with a hero like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, is about being a good person with good character until Superman gets into red kryptonite. On Millville, the red kryptonite makes him feel amoral because he knows how he can cause trouble. He becomes a troublemaker whose character is the flipside of the good guy, but rather he is the bad guy. So fiction teaches us what good people do over what bad people do, and it is also find in any version of the Bible or religious texts in general.

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