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The Divine Battle Between Good And Evil

March 30, 2020

First of all, many people are both good and evil at the same time, in any given moment. I’ve learned this one from Melrose Place. Fiction itself means that it is an exploration of how the good guy battles the bad guy, although sometimes the bad guy can win. Even biblical writing can have that battle between good and evil thing going on, because the Bible is a series of instructions for people who are trying to learn how to behave on the side of good. Evil is a choice most people make when they feel that it is good for them since narcissists think this way often enough, acting on the evil they want to put together. Good people go to therapy while somebody who is not aware of the harm they do, refuses to go to therapy because they refuse to be wrong. So seeing as my family takes no interest in my writing since they want to write me off. This means that I’m pretty much done with them not paying attention to me at all, since they all live in Spain now anyway. Family friends have also been brainwashed into ignoring me.

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