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So Fed Up With the Crisis

March 30, 2020

We chronically people need to stay home in isolation, a while longer than those who are able to get back to life on April 7th or 8th. I’m staying put but I need to submit my function report, and my business plans when all done. I’m past fed up with the crisis because the response could have been made so much better with functional teamwork. Why did ya’ll have to go and elect a bad guy like 45? I know you people hate Obama for being half black, but seriously, let it go. We have to learn to work together because the artificial division between Democrat and Republican is causing major in fighting, particularly because people are really seeing just how evil Republicans are. The two party system has to go, only because it means that people cannot think clearly when it comes to “how much the Dems hate the Rethuglicans, ” and also how the hatred is mutual. This crap doesn’t work only because you people are supposed to be doing something like work together for the improvement of the country, and not to sabotage it.

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