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Bullying In Elementary School

April 6, 2020

Had I been on pediatric schizoaffective medication, I would have been less stigmatized, but my family is not as enlightened about this stuff as I am, having devoured books on mental health, gone to NAMI classes, and learned about medication from my psychiatrist. I’ve had many a psychiatrist over the years, but now I see that I have to extract myself from my family’s money because I need to line up further sources of income. It has to be done; I feel the need to breakaway and move to Los Angeles like I’ve always wanted to do. All my elementary school friends have their own income, are married, and often have children. I don’t want kids but I want to get married, although I don’t need the money. I don’t want to marry for money like many women do; I want to facilitate making my own money.

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