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My 2004 Fall Semester Bully Roommates

April 6, 2020

I had some really mean roommates in those years, which were as bad as my freshman year Spanish class full of sophomores who hated my guts with racially charged hatred besides hating on me for my first name. The roommates were busy making things up about what I had done wrong to them, while also not letting me apologize or make it up to them. I had better roommates in Spring 2005, and then in Fall 2005, I had to deal with bullying again because I lived with a family whose older daughter made my life hell. Back then I was used to being mistreated so I didn’t necessarily make waves. My roommates in college were really nasty to me for stupid reasons that looking back does not make sense to me. One roommate went to work high off of a marijuana brownie. And my parents expected me to handle this on my own by killing them with kindness? If anything I learned to be nasty to them back.

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