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Google At the Mall Business Plan

April 6, 2020

I had a business plan about making custom made laptops that are built using American-manufactured parts. I would refurbish computers but not sell them online, although I’d rather sell them to people in person even if I’d have a website or an eBay racket also. If I were going to mail out computer parts or laptops themselves, I’d actually try to make sure that I’d find parts exclusively made in the USA as part of my marketing. Not only would I built laptops, I’d sell them too, and I’d need a business partner who is capable of understanding tech, also able to fix laptops. For that, I need to build my own laptop, my own made in the USA laptop. I’d also have a way to help people back up their work onto USB, I did all the number crunching for this plan, because the numbers are listed on this plan.

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