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What will History say about Jeff Bezos?

April 9, 2020

Jeff Bezos is a dark, selfish man in my mind, after he canceled employee’s part time benefits. Then, COVID-19 was discovered inside a Seattle facility, and two people were exposed enough to get the virus from this without being told they had been exposed. Now I’m hopping mad at Jeff Bezos. His price gouging is also unbelievably rude, in this time of great anxiety for most people, due to not knowing where money will come from. I’m getting that stimulus check eventually. History will say that Jeff Bezos is a jerk that didn’t provide for his employees. Look at how history admires Steve Jobs and Apple in general, but many viewed him as a jerk because this majority actually hated him in life. In death, I do talk to him when he pops by on occasion. Jeff Bezos, quit being selfish and give any and all employees health benefits.

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