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The Earth Star Chakra

April 11, 2020

For the record, let me start by saying that I’m working on feeling safe in my own skin. I guess I have to work on deepening my connection to this chakra or something, I don’t do caffeine anymore and if I need energy, I can boost mine through this chakra? It’s located below your feet? I was working on my 12th chakra in bed just now, but I perceive it below my feet give or take the way this chakra is black, as I see it in my energy body. I guess I struggle with connecting to humanity but somehow I feel myself fixing it. This chakra is about connecting to the core of the earth, I guess I have been working on it this morning without realizing it. If this chakra is the grounding point of your entire system, I realize that mine was previously ignored for way too long. I am feeling very grounded right now realizing this fact, and working to correct it. I have had a life long struggle with releasing the negative energy of others, but now that I know where my Earth Star chakra is, I’m going to work on that.

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What is the Earth Star Chakra & How to Connect to It

The Earth Star Chakra

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