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The Stellar Gate Chakra

April 11, 2020

The Stellar Gate chakra is something that is connected by essence, into the Soul Star, Galactic, and Universal chakras. It is the divine link to what is called the 5th or 6th dimensions or points beyond that dimension. Apparently this chakra helps people connect with the ascended realms. This chakra is #12, and can be found 18 inches above your head, and is the color gold. This chakra is about the soul’s mastery, of its purpose that is found in the human realm. The 12th chakra is seen as the doorway to the cosmos. The Stellar Gateway transcends all boundaries of time and space. This chakra is also connected to something called the planetary Stellar Gateway chakra in the Arctic. But anyway, this chakra is on my list of chakras to work on.

Stellar Gateway: Opening and Activation

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