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How Awareness of Your Chakras Helps Mental Illness

April 14, 2020

Mental illness symptoms can happen to anybody, nobody is totally free of symptoms. A psychic from a distance could induce symptoms because people who are genuinely ill will feel their symptoms all the time. For example, anxiety is a low-grade, pervasive situation. You feel it whenever you think of a triggering situation. In order to balance the chakras, one most open them. To ground oneself, one must use a grounding cord with a crystal, wrapped around the center of the earth. When I fly, I feel very spaced when landing. Flying scares me because turbulence can happen when flying from New York to San Francisco while going over mountain ranges. The answer to this situation is to ground myself extensively while in the air.

Auras exist, so do charkas. Chakras are linked to your endocrine system. To balance your chakras you spin them around to the right 13 times, and you spin them to the left 13 times. This much I remember from my spiritualist church that I used to be in. Grounding yourself is not hard, but it can be difficult if you have a mental illness, which is why medication taking comes in. At least I remember someone taught me that. Chakra work is required when you have a human body, I’m trying to sort mine out.

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