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Workaholism and Stress Addiction

April 14, 2020

Mentally ill people are not like other people, guys, they have mental health problems, which mean that they have trouble managing their thoughts. Yes, you normal people who believe thoughts are things, have kind relationships with yourself while we mentally ill have bad, dark relationships with our own brain until we learn how t o be kinder to ourselves. If someone has been abused, they struggle with the very notion of kindness unto ourselves. It isn’t something we are used to since the bullies that tormented us run around unchecked inside our heads.

There is actually a workaholic 12-step group out there! I was a member of Emotions Anonymous for a while before my parents moved. I got a lot out of it, and realized I had nothing to fear because I learned ways of not letting my mother kick me around as much with the fear she was trying to get me to react with. Workaholism runs in my family since you had to work like a dog in order to hear “you work hard,” and if you took a break, that was bad. The number of times during my childhood that I could have passed out from exhaustion, are many.

I am trying to learn how to shut down my workaholism, which compels me to wake up in the middle of the night, to wake up early, to show up, and to work on my writing projects, even to work on this blog. What drives me is that I’m wondering if the neighbors make false judgments on me such as thinking I’m spoiled, when they may not think this way. At night, I feel wound up at 5:00 p.m. going, dang, I should be working. But I’m not. Oh the guilt, its silly.

My family manipulates me into working hard by inducing psychic guilt when I’m sleeping. This is a silly reason to wake up for work even when a friend of mine says he admires days that start at 3:00 a.m. I’m trying to curb this habit, so praising me doesn’t help. I find that society emphasizes workaholism, especially in the Bay Area. Treating work seriously is one thing but treating your addiction seriously is quite another.

I work from home, so my work is in the home. I’m trying something revolutionary on my birthday, taking the day off to do whatever I want. I’m not even updating my blog. Meditation is one way to shut off a thinking mind, because you have to take every day to slow down, take things one day at a time, and not work in a frenzied manner. I realize what I’m doing to myself with that frenzy. Adequate rest, sleep, and breaks are necessary to maintain productivity. You need time away from work. Google is a hotbed for workaholics, who need treatment. I could write books on this behavior since I need to set up a separate book idea list for psychiatric situations. I have my list of metaphysical books ready and raring to go but not my self help books or my business books. We writers write books, and it can make me serious money to write them.

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