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I’m not interested in Dating: Period

April 13, 2020

Okay, to my interested friends who want a chance to date me, not right now? I’m way too traumatized by my whole life, having to sort through major trauma issues. I cannot date right now, period, so don’t you dare ask me out, save as friends, that’s fine. But an actual date, I find dating to be dangerous. I do not want to be taken advantage of or led astray by anybody. This is why I cannot be led astray for any reason. It would seem that some people who want to date me may do that, but I’m not sure. Anybody from the radio station at my old junior college is automatically looking to take advantage of me. I pretty much need to be with someone who would never put me in situations where I can’t take my medication for one. Yes, some would say that was my choice, but I hesitate to take my medication and drive home. The key to experiment with this one after my hernia comes out; is to have something with chocolate in it and go out at night.

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