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I’m Sorry For The Way I Used To Drink

April 19, 2020

I was a severe alcoholic. These days Lamictal helps me piece together how I behaved back when I drank. Someone with low blood platelets should not be drinking as much as I did. I could put away two Guinness, large, without thinking back when I was working, and doing a good job surviving college. Functional alcoholism is a funny thing. It mans that you don’t notice how frakked up you are, and how messed up other people look at you as being. I hardly noticed the looks I used to get, the looks my family gets now. I pray they get help, seriously.

I have to apologize to my colleagues at American Lending Network since I drank that much, I had no idea how to control it. I’m terribly sorry for what I did. I was drinking way too much, damn it. It was bad, it was terrible. I seriously wish my family would see how they drink, and how dysfunctional they are but they don’t because of manic grandiosity. They scare me when they have booze. I hope to make real money soon so I can escape them should they come back.

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