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How Vaccines Were Invented

April 21, 2020

Vaccines were invented by science as a means of protecting ourselves from viruses. For centuries, we had limited protection against germs. This is why I believe in vaccination, since vaccines do not cause autism. Autism is genetic in nature, it is passed down through generations. The first inventor of vaccines, Dr. Edward Jenner, saw that milkmaids did not contract smallpox but they’d get cowpox which was a similar infection, which didn’t kill as many people or cause scars as bad as smallpox could get.

He took cowpox, injected James Phipps who developed cowpox, and recovered, but then was given smallpox which he didn’t wind up getting. He discovered that cowpox was close to smallpox, so that the disease ran its course when smallpox was administered. Low grade smallpox let people become immune. In 1979, they tried to undo smallpox on the planet. The first vaccine really was the smallpox vaccine but it pretty much means they keep a vial of it around to study just in case another type of virus comes along. Medical science is a field that interests me only because I have particular ideas about rearranging the DNA of a baby while it is in the womb, which will eventually be possible to get done. This would remove disability genes, as well as narcissism genes. If narcissism could be taken away from our gene pool, so that criminal behavior is less rampant.

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