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Why I’m Getting the Covid-19 Vaccine

April 21, 2020

I’d rather get the vaccine, not the virus. Vaccines are not bad, antivaxxers; keep your mouth shut around someone such as myself with 22q immune system issues. I used to get every cold under the sun, I would also get the flu easily even if I know metaphysical ways of keeping myself well. I know how to visualize my immune system. What I’m dealing with is low blood platelets. What is that? It means that my white blood cell and red blood cell count is low constantly. What could make this worse? You guessed it, drinking. I want to get the vaccine.

Try and stop me ignorant folks. As someone with 22q/Velocardiofacial Syndrome, that my family has shamed me for having, I really do not want this virus or to be exposed to any virus before hernia surgery which means we will have to continue putting it off. I pretty much need a friend to come with me to the final procedure that will prove I have acid reflux, and need surgery, maybe. My endo said the hernia needs to come out. My obgyn same thing. I’m starting to hear from people although my dermatologist looked scared when she said they have to go through the abdominal wall. I’m scared of surgery, even when I got 22q palette surgery.

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