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How I Would Handle Things If I Were President

April 25, 2020

I want to run in 2060, and the thing is, my family would rather I keep my mouth shut since the Presidency is a “man’s” job. But hey, I’m going to start saying it out loud. Here is my Vocal Media piece on why I want to run for office.

I would have amounted to more in high school, had I been treated with my mental health issues not being forced to be so bad. Not treating me has had very bad repercussions in my life, to this day when I wake up in the middle of the night too much. By the time I get my Ph.D., I’m going to be able to move to Sacramento to serve Congress or be future governor of California, in an age when political parties will not matter so much, that’s in like 10 years. I hope to be D.A. of Los Angeles for a while, which is what an advanced degree like a law degree is good for. If I hadn’t been trying to turn my mental health around because I wasn’t “allowed” to see a psychiatrist until I was like, I’m going, bye, at 28 in 2012, I was like, hey, forget about your intimidating bullshit, I’m seeing a psychiatrist, bye! And I never looked back, all because of Santa Clara Family Plan.

I would fund the post office if they asked; I would give New York enough ventilators, so that ill people have a fighting chance. The thing is, this virus messes people up really good. I’d have given every adult and child in the United States a test by now. Yes, there are many things I would have done differently, like not piss off other countries for one. Anybody can get this virus, even our leadership.

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