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Why I Want to Be DA Of Los Angeles County

April 25, 2020

I feel that my reputation is tarnished as “that kid who almost died of diabetes,” I feel like people are brainwashed into thinking I’m unhireable out here. Try as I might to get a job, people believe all the crap that my family psychically puts out there. They believe everything they are told. I get paranoid about any employer not wanting me since in 2017, I was trying to interview despite my knee pain. I saw then that my reputation is heavily tarnished. I applied at many jobs but my stiff knee was too much of a wild card. Even for the GNC out here since I have pretty good actual supplement knowledge.

So yes, I have to radically change locations in the next few years, since I think my “Almost dying” thing is something way too many people who have lived here for years, and people at the San Jose State Occupational Therapy clinic also know about this. Joy. That’s when I realized it and told a classmate well after somebody asked me to talk about what I never discuss with people, which is being hospitalized as a child from type 1-diabetes at 10. I was in diabetic coma, it was bad, I was already on a ventilator, and I could have died. Yes, I feel like I’m tainted. I try to avoid people who have lived here since 1991. Every which way possible, I try to act positive to avoid the pity party. It is my tendency to be uncomplaining while at least one member of my family is the opposite.

I’m doing my best to find a remote job with offices in Los Angeles, so that I can eventually open the door to move to LA where I think the pity party haunts me less as an impersonal city. Maybe I’m just being paranoid though, and nobody actually thinks that.

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