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Why Others Are Starting to Notice the Lies

April 25, 2020

When I was at the library getting a book on comic book ideas, I caught this South Asian woman staring at me getting the book. I was like, wondering why and then I thought, “oh she’s becoming unbrainwashed if she’s a Bay Area Old Timer!” And so she was, because I was watching her stare outright at me, probably using the “how old is she?” stare. So I realize some people have lost the brainwashing they were indoctrinated with. Oh yes, Iria is useless, and will never amount to anything, don’t expect much, she has a low IQ because we keep her from getting treatment, forcing her to live with psychosis. Yes, that is what I realize was done to me in high school. I’ve also realized I’m ready to spring myself away from the trap that has been laid for me. I’m staying put with SSI for a while longer, then going full throttle with selling my business.

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