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What is PK?

April 26, 2020

Psychokinesis is about a supernatural or supernormal talent that allows a person to cause physical or chemical and biological change in matter. I have influenced gemstones to change before, by turning on this energy. It is a form of energy use that runs through the human body, causing the aforementioned change in matter. I held a carnelian gemstone in my hand, having two indentations left by my fingers. I later on looked it up and found out that carnelian has properties that make it as good as coffee. It’s why I keep it in my office.

In fact, I just got the idea to line my office with it while my bedroom should have amethyst in it. But anyway, PK is short for psychokinesis, or the ability to bend metal with your energy, since energy is energy and those of us who can do this are sometimes in conscious control of it. PK can also affect electronic device energy fields, when someone with this talent is agitated, and electronic devices like a computer could crash as it has done in my case. Sometimes programs overload since this is an OS 10.9 or something not a 10.10 and it needs to be upgraded, not necessarily by me, because the pause in service might get me agitated and activate PK which may mess up my computer.

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