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PK Tests With Chocolate

April 30, 2020

I’m going to try to test my skills using chocolate to do so. I know agitation is one trigger. But having chocolate is by far another one. I got enough sleep today, just to be clear. Chocolate just turns on my psychic talent for some reason. I’m stable enough to make sure my mental health is not so much an aggravating symptom as it could be. At PIR when I had chocolate one day, I get home with a blood sugar of 240 and a failed infusion set. Again, I would see it trigger at my occupational therapy clinic when I saw that I had two mini chocolate cupcakes, my blood sugar went up, and there you go, I managed to undo the shape of a paperclip that was on the table. I grabbed it while someone was staring at it. It can be said that I proved that day that chocolate is a huge PK trigger.

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