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Why I Haven’t Spent Enough Time Around Other Psychics

May 1, 2020

Watching Psychic Kids by Chip Coffey was very triggering for me. I remembered everything psychic I have ever done as a child, including change cloud shapes while coming home from a family camping trip. I have many psychic talents that I had limited training on much less limited people to talk to about. My family didn’t take teaching me much of anything seriously, because they’d spread rumors that I had a low IQ when I all I needed was medication to take care of chronic psychosis which I grew up with and didn’t get half-way treated until I was 20. At 18, I should have gone to a psychiatrist myself but I was too addled from the illness, as well as drinking coffee and alcohol, to really show initiative or follow-through on this desire although I managed to secure therapy from Foothill College.

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