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My Family and The Way they Deal With People Different From them or Don’t Deal with People Different From Them

May 3, 2020

I can handle and cope with people different from me, having had years of experience talking to Asians, black people, whites, and more. In fact, I can talk to anybody. People different from me do not intimidate me. Although, my family does not get that transgender people want to be seen as the opposing gender they were born with. Yes this causes the ignorant cognitive distance, but we have to appreciate those different from us regardless. I don’t get mom and dad’s bullshit. But anyway, I do not take kindly to racists, bullies, or people who say rude things like at Job Train when somebody said something rude about how “Asians are funny because they use the sticks,” and I was like, glaring at her to shut up. WTF?

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