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Online Classes, I Want to Take

May 2, 2020

I would like to get my anthropology B.A. online, but then again there is the matter of my MFA. Class meeting in person is a big unknown right now because of Covid-19. But I want to get all my degrees, if I can pay for online class, like retaking my Foothill College English classes, Psych 1, and general education stuff. I can get my transcript on paper from the school, which I’ve put off. But now the stimulus check can help me pay for it. I have many classes I’d like to take, and there is the matter of Greyschool and paying for the courses there. I have to start with that, also keeping in mind that I’m an addict, a stress, knowledge, and academic success junkie. Its why I’m trying to not overload myself with Greyschool.

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