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Ignorance About the Psychic Crap Does Not Help Me

May 4, 2020

See, I didn’t know about the psychic stuff until I was told I was schizophrenic at 18. My doctor then tried to confront my family about medication but they weren’t forthcoming. It was a tense, uncomfortable situation. 22q/Velocardiofacial syndrome is nothing. It causes schizoaffective and minor facial structure differences. But in the end, it is a whole huge nothing. My parents manipulated me into thinking there was something seriously wrong with me. They made me believe I had a low IQ for goodness sake. I’m going to get a real IQ test to prove I have a high IQ which they didn’t pay for. They really wanted to brainwash me. I’m done being kicked around by them. I know about the psychic far more now simply because I gather knowledge through the Internet or reading books. I’m far less ignorant but I have flashbacks to times of fear, ignorance, and mental instability.

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