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Scared of the Ph Test

May 4, 2020

This test is kicking my ass into asking for support. Yes, the Never Needy Iria is asking for help. I don’t want to appear to be asking for pity to the outside. But then again that’s leftover high school trauma I don’t want to get into just yet. My Ph test involves kicking heartburn medication for a week, and then going to the doctor to get a tube shoved up my nose. This tube will sit there for a day, measuring acid reflux. It is necessary to prove I need surgery, and I think I do. Of course needing surgery is frightening what with my new found low blood platelets autoimmune disorder, of thrombocytopenia. It is scary, and it means I could bleed in surgery. Yes, scary. I’ve had palate surgery once before to fix my voice, it was terrifying for n 8 year old who didn’t have diabetes. I’m trying not to scare myself for hernia surgery.

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