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Business Classes, I’m Taking On Udemy and Udacity

May 12, 2020

This month I plan on paying for classes on Udemy and Udacity. This is what I’m covering first in this post, since spiritual classes must remain in a separate category save one on Udemy, which I want to sign up for. I found a technical writing class on Udemy. Yes, I feel a need to take it in order to widen my knowledge on technical writing, which I haven’t necessarily studied. The Udemy Akashic Records class is one class I want to take to see how it is. Udemy has a private investigator class about skip tracing I’m signing up for on the 15th, when I’m also buying a friend of mine’s CBD cream.

As for Udacity, I’m working on the How To Build a Startup class, and then they have Intro to Computer Science. I bombed it while in junior college many years ago, because of this one teacher who wouldn’t give me a break as well as imbalanced brain chemicals from caffeine addiction, alcoholism, and stress along with being improperly treated since my treatment at the time was half-assed. But back to Udemy for the present moment, I found an investigative interviewing class that interests me, fact checking made easy, and one business and technical writing class that I need anyway, called a writing immersion course. I want to take an English class at an accredited junior college online though. Since my bachelor’s is in English, I can skip all prerequisites if I manage to submit my college transcript. But normal school must be a well-thought out proposition.

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