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Greyschool Classes I Need To Take

May 12, 2020

My level up payment went through, I’m now a Year 6, which means I have moved up in Greyschool land. Greyschool is an interesting educational option, only because I get to study what I can with it, in an online environment as most school has gone online in 2020, temporarily. My classes had to wait in a holding pattern from November 2019, I have three classes and a Reiki credit I need to upload. I’m taking classes such as Laughter is the Best Medicine, which couldn’t have come at a better time than right now with Covid-19 lurking around every street corner.

This class has 10 lessons. My next class is psychic healing, which is also perfect for these weird yet interesting times. There are 5 lesson in this class, I should get done with it quickly if I come up with a lesson plan spreadsheet. Writing my lesson plan on Excel has been quite informative. Path of the Black Wizard is my last class; there are 11 lessons in this class and two tests, a midterm and a final. I’d better do well in all my classes but at the same time, I have to learn to not let learning and my perfectionist streak get to me and/or cause me stress.

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