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Other Classes on Udemy

May 13, 2020

Okay, so I want to take Udemy classes on multiple topics, such as Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch, $9.99 to see if someone is spying on this computer. I want to also take a grant writing class, Grantwriting for Non-profits and Freelance Writers, at $10.99. My first class this month though will be my technical writing class, on Udemy, costing me $10.99. There is also a class called Introduction to Successful Grant Writing, at $9.99. I really can’t overload myself though. How to Be Psychic, Psychic Development for Beginners, $11.99, is another useful class I can take, at $11.99. How to be A Psychic Medium, for beginners is another class $9.99. There are plenty of classes to choose from. I also need to study marketing, Marketing Fundamentals is $9.99, and I have SCORE classes to choose from. I saw one today, but I already know how to use Google drive, having taken a free class in that from Work 2 Future.

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