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Classes In Real School

May 13, 2020

I figured since I already studied anthropology, I could study psychology next. I want to take Psych 1 again, and English 1A again to prove that I can get an A in English class these days. I could go after fee waivers and make sure they know I’m only interested in the online program. If I need to pay $31 a unit that means I have to take Psych 1 again as my first class. I’m lost as to how the student website works these days, even if I knew how to use it back when it was new. I also know I have to take elementary statistics, and there are plans to take general biology at De Anza, which is closer to me because it’s accessible by public transit. English 1A is listed as support course, so the first class to start taking again really is English 1A. I’ve already taken Anth 1, also known as physical anthropology. That leaves Psych 1 Positive Psychology, which is four units, and Psych 25, abnormal psychology would put me slightly above 10 units given that Anth 1 is already on my transcript. We cannot fiddle with logging in today since that leads to temptation.

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