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What is OCD Actually Like? How I Treat Myself With Limited Resources

May 13, 2020

Yes, for now, I have limited resources with regard to how I can get my OCD treated. I’m working on it, only because I want to make sure that I can handle real school in the classroom again without being triggered into caffeine addiction or alcoholism. Alcoholism may actually be something that could come back if I let myself slip into my low self-esteem problems. OCD lends to give you repetitive thoughts that rattle around in your head all the time.

The thoughts make you think that you have a germ or are contaminated with something. Or maybe you didn’t lock the door all the way. Or maybe you left the stove on. OCD people get triggered very easily, and can be mean to people when they do not get to double-check their compulsion. One time in college, I really did leave a frying pan on the stove, it wasn’t my imagination. My OCD was not treated back then, and I was deprived of the knowledge of having it. I had to insist on a diagnosis from my doctor at the time. She eventually did realize I knew better. I use self-help books and things I learn from them to treat myself.

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