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The Narcissist Entitlement Complex

May 20, 2020

A narcissist has an entitlement complex born out of their difficult to deal with arrogance. Why I want to study psychiatry to help these people is beyond me. Narcissists feel entitled to special treatment, like having people be polite to them even if they are being wonderfully rude, is an example of such behavior. Narcissists think they have intense talent when they really don’t, whether this involves selling something, or other career choices. Narcissists like going to high-end stores to buy expensive clothing if they feel up to it. Narcissists feel like they have to win all the time, so it’s best to let them win although remember, you are not dealing with a reasonable person.

Narcissists are actually those who feel inferior to others, so they act superior or entitled to make themselves feel better. Grandiose narcissists feel they are better than you, and deserve special treatment. I’ve been in therapy with one, I know. Narcissistic people lack empathy in close relationships, I’m just relieved I do not have narcissistic traits at all, because I’m pretty much someone who does not walk around thinking I’m special unlike certain other people I know. Entitlement issues come up when a person fears being inadequate. This is why they hide their inadequacy by getting high and mighty haughty.

While some people can admit to antisocial tendencies, others cannot. Narcissists have intense exploitive tendencies towards other people. Some narcs explode when people cave to their wishes. Some people I’ve dealt with are unaware of their sense of entitlement, which I do not have, messing with their lives. They don’t know as to how their words are impactful on other people. To have schizoaffective and narcissism, well, let’s just say I want to help people like that and leave it there.

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