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How to Grab Someone By The Balls (Using Psychic Manipulation vs. ordinary manipulation)

May 21, 2020

Melrose Place is full of examples of ordinary manipulation which goes something like this, “you have something I want, you have something I need, I will give you what you need in order for me to get the money, job, or medical school class standing.” You remember that Michael pressures Matt into changing his blood alcohol content measurement that was taken during his accident with Kimberley before she died in season 5. Michael then takes it upon himself to change the medical school GMAT test grade for Matt without telling him he missed the cutoff by two points, and would have had to retaken the GMAT for him to apply.

Grabbing someone by the balls is an act of desperation. Why in my life, when I was not allowed to see a psychiatrist, whole schools were grabbed the balls by my family. I was seeing schizoaffective unbelieving shrinks. What was said to grab me by the balls was, “I’d rather you not see a psychiatrist, ” and none of my friends were allowed to take me to the doctor themselves. I was caught in a massive double bind.

Yes, the grabbing of people by the balls is a psychic manipulation talent. Some schools of thought believe that everybody is psychic but simply has it off. Well, someday I could teach James Randi how to feel everything I feel when I set foot in a hospital by myself. Manipulators say, I’m grabbing you by the balls and I don’t give a shit what’s wrong with that. I will make sure people see it my way. Fact is, I had an untreated mental illness all through childhood, since pediatric onset schizoaffective manifests at around age 1, when children start learning words.

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