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What is a Trigger?

May 29, 2020

Those of us who know about mental health call a trigger something that makes you feel a certain way, do something (in my case sleep eat,) and other situations. In our mental health community we are careful if our life story “triggers” someone else. Ironically my set failure has not triggered my Pk yet. Its why on Facebook, we have to mention that we are triggering something in someone by discussing the trauma. This is maybe because I know my telekinesis book is coming in the mail, or that I feel better because I know my blood sugar is high from a set failure as bad as 365 mg/dl. I went up, not down, my body is not in fight or flight mode yet, but I do need more strips. A trigger for lack of a better term, is pretty much something that means you feel the way you used to feel, relive a past trauma or just plain freak out at someone else’s trauma. We sufferers of CPTSD know what this is about and we try not to scare others with our baggage.

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