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Shutting Off Cars

June 3, 2020

Shutting off cars happened yesterday for the first time in a long time. I thought I saw/heard a white car shut off and turn on again while waiting for my medical cab ride to go home. In light of selling my old car, I managed to do this because I decided I had to. So what about you know who and what she says which is always laced with delusion. I made the right decision any rational adult on good medication would make. But anyway, shutting off a car did happen, and I managed to do this without thinking too hard about it.

I was just sitting outside thinking about how relieved I was to have sold my car, and to not be driving right now. I’m way more relaxed now that I forgive myself for not driving myself to death. Why should I drive right now when I feel like crap? For that matter, I’m not driving in order to protect myself, period, so I don’t get myself into trouble. I do not have the mental health or stamina to drive right now. So there, I’m not driving as I’d rather shut off cars for those of us who are driving going, haha, carbon footprint much?

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