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What Would I Want With an Archaeology Ph.D.?

June 3, 2020

Okay why does one body as chronically ill as mine want two Ph.D? Why? Because I’m a nut who likes school that’s what, I want a Ph.D. in archaeology so I can contribute to the field even as I would also like a Ph.D. in psychology. By now you readers have figured out why I’m a science nerd. I was always functional in science class if nothing else because science helped shut off the noise in my head. Now that I have better psychic boundaries and interpersonal boundaries, I’m able to screen stuff out. Bear in mind I come from people with talent who do not believe in utilizing psychic boundaries, I do though because I need to keep myself sane/functional. As an archaeologist invested in studying ancient aliens theory and real science such as depicted in the Ancient Origins website, I want to contribute to scientific discovery in some way, and being the Star Trek geek that I am, I want to interest myself in archaeology like Captain Picard did. That’s the truth as to why I’m driven to get two PhDs.

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