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Workaholism – A Real Addiction

June 19, 2020

Workaholism is a real addiction. I struggle with mine because I think I have to work from home in order to be somebody to my parents. Overwork is the number one cause of stress, but in the hereafter, the Gods do not care about how much you overworked but rather how good of a person you were to yourself, as well as others. Workaholism is something that drives people to complete tasks because they feel inadequate about who they are. My own sense of inadequacy is what compels me to work.

I didn’t know there are support groups with other workaholics, as well as family therapy. America has a cultural focus on overachieving, and I somehow put myself through this. I need more spiritual counseling than I’m getting, that’s for sure. I’m guiding myself out of the tendency to overwork. Workaholism is a huge struggle for many people, and I have seen my family demand this of themselves and of me. I now no longer feel compelled to overwork as though I’m not a good person if I don’t overwork. I’m just relieved my family is stuck where they are and can’t come back.

Successful Treatment for Workaholics Starts with Thinking Beyond the Work

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