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Why People Believe Narcissists and Narcissistic Brainwashing

June 22, 2020

Narcissists are master brainwashers; they are good at what they do by using positivity to do it. They lather praise onto their target that they want to brainwash. They are pleasant while talking, so that the target gets lured into a sense of relaxation. People believe narcissists who say that they are being bullied, but not their target. In my family, the narcissists have a paranormal flair to their brainwashing. The big difference with that is well, a psychic narcissist knows exactly what to say to brainwash someone. I saw this when my family said that “I need you to believe her hair is messy,” which worked instantly on the person she was saying that to. I can do this if I want to but I choose not to.

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