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What It’s Like to Be Treated

June 26, 2020

All throughout my time at Work 2 Future, I learned what it was like not to display anxiety symptoms that got me stigmatized. In fact, being in an educational environment like this was interesting only because I felt that I was getting a lot out of the classes. I’d get my work done early in Microsoft Office classes on Excel, Powerpoint, and Word, then leave. I also sat through Supreme Customer Service, among other courses. I managed to not loose too much sleep over it. Sometimes though I’d get tired and the people who enrolled me in class would see that I felt tired/looked tired. Having medication is so great, taking medication even better, and just plain having medical care, fabulous. I put off getting SSI for years until one day I was like, you know what, screw it, and went for it, thus screwing up my family’s agenda.

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