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Anxiety – Where Does It Come From?

June 26, 2020

My anxiety has many sources, from having untreated mental illness that wasn’t treated, to having a hernia, and more. Anxiety can just be a mental health problem that increases when I do not get enough sleep, although that is not the case this morning. Anxiety is merely a feeling of uneasiness, a feeling of something not being quite right, and you are not alone in this because anxiety is a common mental illness that is found all over the planet. Anxiety is a feeling while anxiety disorder is a mental health problem.

Anxiety does keep us safe by telling us we are in an unsafe scenario or situation, while worrying is also a symptom of the illness, which can cause a lack of feeling safe. I used to have really bad panic attacks/panic disorder, because I drank too much coffee, since coffee is a very toxic substance for me. I have conquered all my phobias by now, although my agoraphobia is sky high from the virus, and imagining the virus lurking on every street corner. Surviving this pandemic is simple, stay away from people, wear a mask, and I really don’t get those who won’t wear one. I will. My anxiety is really bad right now anyway.

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