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My Fringe Interest In Aliens

June 29, 2020

So called “scientists” love pooh-poohing my belief in aliens. Come on now, how many stars are there? Then how many solar systems could be out there? Then how many other galaxies do exist and you have yourself a recipe for the fact that there are other people out there besides us stupid earth human. You are a silly, weak, and easily addicted earth human for constantly mocking my belief in aliens. Sweetie, I’ve met them, and some of ya’ll healed my patent ductus atheriosis, which by the way, is a very serious heart condition that could have required surgical intervention which my mother didn’t necessarily take seriously at the time. I was lucky, I lived because according to other people who deal with or have 22q/Digeorge, and in my case Velocardiofacial syndrome, the very fact I was born pink and crying should stun her into silence since some babies die months after the fact. What my heart condition was, is blood flowing the wrong way. I uncovered through the Akashic Records that time traveling aliens who have white skin, remind you of the Traveller from Star Trek: The Next Generation and my future doctor self from another timeline, healed the hole in my heart. Yes, they did, they had a square device they held over my chest, and there you go, jump starting the healing process. Two or so years into my life though, the heart thing disappeared, baffling my doctors no doubt, my mother, and my family in general, so the only explanation I have is, oh, time traveling aliens.

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