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Ranting Voices, A Psychic Component

June 30, 2020

I hear ranting in my head sometimes, when I am still. This voice is a voice calling me a retard, which my family did when I was diagnosed with 22q, and then again when my roommates taunted me for something I didn’t have at all just to get a rise, make me insecure, and create a hostile environment. This is a large factor in why I do not have a roommate today. I really choose not to, but after surgery I may need one for a hot minute just in case I run into hernia surgery related complications. I’m busy avoiding my family for the holidays though, only because I feel better/best when not around them. The voice has a psychic component because I had one roommate sit me down, and repeat “retard, retarded,” like a chant to my face, so this is why I hear the voice saying that when every other voice has been off for years, since I’m treated.

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