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Academic Addiction

July 1, 2020

I call it school addiction but I googled it and I got stuff about addiction resources for people in high school. Okay, so school addicts are addicted to grades, prestige of getting good grades, the act of going to class in general, and trying to do a good job. I have to say, I love school and learning in general but I stress over grades. This worries me when I return to regular school as treated as I am. Work 2 Future gave me a taste of what I’m capable of doing in the classroom, as a centered student. I was driving with a bad knee though, and going to class, which made 2017 stressful but I stuck it out and in 2018, jumped ship to start therapy. So when I started therapy my knee bent more. That is not entirely coincidental as I was learning how to kick my parent’s energy out.

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