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Oppositional Defiant Disorder In adults

July 1, 2020

An adult with oppositional defiant disorder shows a belligerent attitude towards all authority. While I was a child, I had traits of oppositional defiant disorder, but I now recognize that it also runs in my family, and maybe the ex had a bit of it too. Adults with this disorder struggle to relate to people they perceive as authority figures, and all too often with my family, I feel like I’m the mature, rational and responsible one while they are not since they refuse to take medication for their schizoaffective. I just took a test on Attitude Mag to see if I still have oppositional defiant disorder, I got an 8 out of 72 so I don’t but see my family would outright refuse to take this quiz. I try to say, no picking fights, quit drinking, etc. I’m setting rules, but she balks at it. Okay, enough already, I feel like I’ve always been the parent.

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