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Narcissistic Behavior – The Entitlement Complex

July 2, 2020

Narcissists feel entitled to do whatever they want, like leave their cars parked where they shouldn’t, even as they will pay the fine. A narcissist loves to remind their victims just how entitled they are. Narcissistic people expect special treatment, because they think good things will come their way if they are always deserving of it. I just have decided after a certain point to stay away from narcissistic people. There are narcissists out there who simply expect to have it better than the next person, since they feel that they are number one. Narcissists are unrealistic about who they are, what they deserve and why they deserve it. Narcissists sometimes show psychopathic behaviors, such as antisocial behavior, lack of showing empathy, and the tendency to cheat. Narcissists have trouble accepting themselves for who they are, and I’m very grateful I’m not one at all.

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