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The Astral Plane

July 6, 2020

The astral plane is another dimension if you will, accessible using the mind. To get to the astral plane, it requires going out of body, since Astral travel and astral projection is possible. Astral projection involves the conscious mind leaving the physical body, and this is truly what we do when we dream. Astral projection involves sending your astral body out into the world, traveling through the realms. There is something called the silver cord, that you are attached to-which remains attached to the physical body, since astral projection can only occur when you are relaxed. The Akashic Records can be accessed via astral projection, only because you have to go to the astral to get to them. There can be classes on astral projection online; as I’m taking a Sara Wiseman class on the Akashic Records I’m taking it easy with.

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